Kevin Jarman was awarded a $510,000 settlement from Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday for breaking his ankle while being arrested for shoplifting in May 2011.

Shoplifter Claims Police Tripped Him During Arrest

Jarman, 50, was being arrested for shoplifting a bag of shrimp at a grocery store when he claims police intentionally tripped him, causing him to break his ankle and spend nine days in the hospital. He has since admitted to shoplifting.

According to the claim, Sergeant Samuel Morales refused to loosen the cuffs when asked by Jarman and caused Jarman’s fall by pulling the plaintiff while, essentially, stepping on his foot, making it impossible for Jarman to find his balance.

“Sergeant Morales, in effect, tripped Plaintiff,” reads the suit.

The suit goes on to allege that Officer Alex Safran, also present during the arrest, laughed at Jarman when he fell and threatened to post video of his fall on YouTube.

Jury Grants Kevin Jarman $510,000 Settlement

After hearing the case, the jury deliberated only for a few hours before ruling that Jarman deserved the $510,000 settlement, stunning many in attendance. Anthony Ofodile, Jarman’s lawyer, sees the victory as proof that the justice system works.

“This shows that a regular person who has his rights violated can still go to court and do something,” Ofodile said.

City lawyer Muriel Goode-Trufant, however, promised to fight the verdict.

This isn’t Jarman’s first time suing the NYPD. In 2005, he sued the police department for false arrest and settled for $15,000, and in 2013 he sued for false arrest once more, this time settling for $20,000.

“Some of these verdicts are just nuts. There’s no rhyme or reason to the figure they come up with. These guys are getting huge paydays, and for what? A broken ankle? Half a million? To a shoplifter? It’s getting out of control," a law-enforcement source told the NY Post.


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