Shirley MacLaineSalma HayekCindi Leive, and Dee Rees attended a luncheon celebrating films powered by women at the Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday.


The event was hosted by Leive, editor in chief of Glamour magazine, and by Amanda de Cadenet, of Girlgaze. At the event, Hayek offered advice for women in the male-dominated film industry. She stars in Beatriz at Dinner alongside John Lithgow, which premieres at Sundance this year. All in all, 32 women attended the event, including Lena DunhamKatie CouricChloë Sevigny, and more.

Dunham, who had just finished a screening of her documentary film about fashion called Suits, spoke on how fashion affects the industry. “It was amazing to see how a documentary about fashion [the film focuses on a custom suitmaker business and their transgender clientele] could be so affecting and shape so many peoples’ world view. I’ve been in a lot of screenings in my day, and it was a really inspiring one,” she explained. “My thing about fashion is I just like to have fun and express myself and it’s really important to me, especially as a woman in Hollywood, to always get dressed in a way that makes me feel good and that’s what the movie is about — feeling good in your body and in your clothes and not prescribing to ideals of society when it comes to getting yourself dressed. You can relate to that whether you are transgender nonconforming or if you are a chubby girl who likes to have fun.”

Leive and de Cadenet teamed up previously on a project about the DC Women’s March and the fellow marches across the country. They took portraits of various women at the event and told their stories, which was published by Glamour‘s website.

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