The release of Star Fox Zero will mark the return of one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. Despite worry that the April release date would be pushed back (after being pushed back from November 2015), famed Nintendo producer who also created the original game in 1993, Shigeru Miyamoto, has confirmed that the game will be released on April 22.

First, Miyamoto revealed that the game would be heavily inspired by 1997’s Star Fox 64 which was the franchise’s most popular title, released for the Nintendo 64. This includes the branching pathways within the game which allows gamers to choose an easier or harder path depending on their performance of a certain level. This is one of the many ways that the game will have the replay value that the 1997 game had, where gamers, after honing their skills, can play the same levels in better ways. Miyamoto emphasized to Time that though the game will not be a sequel or prequel for the Nintendo 64 game, but rather a re-imagining. Players will even get a special “Super Nintendo” retro mode with an amiibo figurine which allows gameplay with the 1993 low-res graphic quality, filled with FX chips and sprites.

Star Fox Zero  will take full advantage of the Wii U GamePad as a second screen. The Pro Controller will fly the Arwing and the GamePad will be used to aim and shoot, allowing players to set up co-op missions.The game will also come with a separate game called Star Fox Guard (previously called “Project Guard,” experimentally presented at E3 2014) which will have a map showing the locations of security cameras on the GamePad and monitors of the cameras on the TV. Players will control the cameras and fire weapons beneath them to stop robot invaders. Players will also be able to build their own levels, editing the waves of robots and sharing them online.

Also, players should be prepared to work in this game.

“I think action games like this have to have a certain level of difficulty to achieve that satisfaction,” said Miyamoto to Time, “And particularly with Star Fox Zero, if you try to complete this game, I think you’re going to find it quite challenging.”

However, because of the flexibility of game paths available because of the cooperative mode of gameplay and the invincible Arwing which can fly through and see the levels, the game will be appealing to players of all levels, from those looking to continue to pursue their love of franchise to those just starting to play action video games.

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