Actors Shia LaBeouf, 30, and Mia Goth, 23, were wed at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel for a ceremony totaling about $700.


The on-again off-again couple live-streamed their wedding ceremony, which took place in front of a few close friends. Their $700 fee earned them a limousine, 10 candid photo prints, an Elvis officiator, a hula dancer and six rose bouquets. Goth wore a crocheted, long-sleeved gown and arrived at the chapel in a pink corvette driven by Elvis.

The pair met on set of Lars von Trier‘s controversial film Nymphomaniac: Volume II, and have been dating for four years. Rumors of their engagement began in March 2015 when Goth was spotted wearing a diamond ring. But last July, the couple was seen in a vicious verbal fight in the streets of Germany. “I don’t want to touch a woman, I don’t want to hit a woman,” LaBeouf reportedly said at the time.

Following this, it appeared that LaBeouf had moved in with a reported new girlfriend Carey Mulligan. But Goth came back into his life that November, and now have decided to tie the knot.

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