Shia LeBeouf did not take kindly to Jim Carrey’s subtle jab while presenting at the 71st Annual Golden Globe awards and took to Twitter to swing back.

Shia LeBeouf & Jim Carrey Trade Insults

"Dying is easy. Comedy is hard…I believe it was Shia LaBeouf who said that,” Carrey said up at the podium, mocking the LeBeouf's alleged plagiarsm and the subsequently stolen apologies he shared on Twitter.

"If you explain @JimCarrey you've killed him, Nobody knows if it's for real or not. That way he's immortal," LeBeouf tweeted in response.

In a tweet that’s since been deleted, LeBeouf continued, "At least I don't get arrested for indecency on major LA highways! Or abandon love child's." LeBeouf also deleted an apology to Carrey that read, "Jim Carrey states that he is deeply involved in his daughter's life—I accept that. Regret tweet on the matter. Apologies to both parents."

One tweet that’s still standing on the Charlie Countryman star’s Twitter page is one in which he states that he’s no longer famous. LeBeouf’s latest outburst caused one concerned follower to wonder if the actor was having a breakdown similar to that of former child star Amanda Bynes.

Last Friday, LeBeouf, whose been under scrutinty the last few months while facing allegations of plagiarism, announced that he was “retiring from all public life.” He took his retirement announcement to another level later that day when he commissioned a skywriting to appear over Los Angeles reading, “STOP CREATING.”

– Chelsea Regan

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