After getting into a fight and stealing a man’s hat, Shia LeBeouf has been charged with misdemeanor battery and petty theft. The fight happened with Tyler Murphy on June 12, but a complaint against LeBeouf was only filed last month, leading to his arraignment hearing being scheduled for November 19.

LeBeouf, a former alcoholic and Disney child star who is known for his tendency to start controversy, has gained a reputation for his run-ins with the law. He’s been arrested twice, in the summers of 2014 and 2017, and both times was charged with disorderly conduct among other things. Following both arrests, he sought out treatment for his substance abuse, voluntarily in 2014 and upon court mandate in 2017.

His 2017 arrest was also coupled with a now infamous racist and sexist rant, which he later apologized for. In his Twitter apology, he attributed his actions to addiction, which angered others struggling with substance abuse on the site. He also later claimed that he had hit an all time low, and didn’t mean to be racist, but instead was condemning the police officer for working in a corrupt system – but most people didn’t believe him, or didn’t care.

Since then, LeBeouf’s reputation has improved significantly. He has showed his improvement while guest starring on several popular shows, had a mini-musical turned meme made about him, and even wrote and starred in a movie about his own life.

There has been no word yet on whether or not LeBeouf was inebriated during the June incident, but with his newly returning fanbase and improved reputation, those following the case hope – but aren’t sure – that he isn’t about to take yet another turn for the worse.

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