If all the ticket profits from Shia LaBeouf‘s new thriller, Man Down, went directly to the controversial actor, he’d have enough to buy, well, one ticket – at least in the U.K.

Man Down, the story of a U.S. Marine with PTSD returning from Afghanistan to find that his country has been devastated, was released in a limited capacity in the U.K. this week and only sold a single ticket on its first day.

Showing at only one time per day – it shows at 12:20 p.m. tomorrow – in only one theatre – Burnley Reel Cinema in Burnley, England, a town with a population of a little more than 87,000 people – the U.K. roll-out doesn’t seem to have been targeted towards a large audience.

Nonetheless, Lionsgate Premier, the film’s distributer, surely hoped to sell more than one ticket on the first day of the film’s showing.

Luckily, two more tickets have been sold since it’s opening day – an impressive 200 percent increase in sales.

Man Down first premiered at the Venice Film Festival in late 2015. Lionsgate Premier then released the film in the U.S. in December 2016. During its state-side run, Man Down grossed $454,490 – quite a fortune when compared to £21 ($26.20) it has made thus far in the U.K.

Although Man Down is considered an indie film, it stars big names beyond LeBeouf including Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight TrilogyHarry Potter), Kate Mara (House of CardsThe Martian), and Jai Courtney (DivergentSuicide Squad).

Man Down‘s director, Dito Montiel, has directed several movies in the past, including Empire State, a crime drama staring Liam Hemsworth, Emma Roberts and Dwayne Johnson.

Still, the film holds a wretched score of 15 percent on the film review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes.

Man Down ends its U.K. theatrical run on Thursday, April 6.