Shia LaBeouf, 26, can't stay out of the headlines these days, with starring roles in acclaimed films Lawless, also starring Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Dane DaHann, and Robert Redford's The Company You Keep with Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson, Terrence Howard, Stanley Tucci, Chris Cooper, Nick Nolte and Richard Jenkins, as well as a nude frontal shot in the Sigur Ros music video, "Fjogur piano," and talk of drug use and onscreen sex, so Chelsea Handler's irreverant late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, seems the perfect place for the bad boy actor to open up about his on- and off-screen antics.

And LaBeouf isn't the only offbeat one in his family. For example, his mother, Shayna LaBeouf who is 5'1," lives in a castle in Tujunga, California that was built by one of the original Wizard of Oz midgets, he revealed on Handler's E! show.

And that's not all. LaBeouf opened up about his upcoming job on controversial director Lars Von Trier's new Nymphomaniac, which just started filming. Handler addressed rumors that LaBeouf sparked a couple weeks ago about how he will be having real sex in the role. "I don't know what it's gonna be until I get there," LaBeouf told Handler. "I know he's a very dangerous director and I know we're trying to do something different. It's not your typical film. It's about what it's about."

"When you do a movie with him, do you have to audition for him?" Handler asked — a question with which LaBeouf decided to have a little bit of fun.

"Yeah, I sent him videotapes of me and my girlfriend having sex, and that's how I got the job," LaBeouf joked … we hope.

Watch the Chelsea Lately video here:

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