Shia LaBeouf today pled guilty to disorderly conduct stemming from an incident in June in which the Transformers actor caused a scene at a Broadway play. Already well known for his bizarre behavior off-screen (like putting a paper bag over his head while promoting Nymphmaniac), LaBeouf was at a showing of Broadway’s latest production of Cabaret (starring Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams) when he began smoking cigarettes and heckling. When security came to escort him out he began spitting and yelling “Do you know who I am?”


Over the last several years, incidents of LaBeouf’s antics have often made the rounds about the media. Stories of alleged drunkenness and drug abuse; arguments at bars and clubs. Since the June incident, however, LaBeouf has sought treatment at The Hills facility in L.A. where he is being treated for alcoholism and drug addiction. At sentencing today, the court ruled that if he finished three full months in his rehab facility and didn’t have any more public outbursts for the next six, then his case would be dismissed.

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