Shia LaBeouf joins Maddie Ziegler in Sia’s intense, new music video for her single “Elastic Heart.”

Maddie Ziegler Stars In “Elastic Heart” Video

Ziegler, who famously starred in Sia’s beloved music video for “Chandelier,” appears to reprise her role as a sort of Sia stand in, wearing a skin-colored leotard and a blonde wig. This time, instead of dancing around an empty house, Ziegler is trapped in a cage with a half-naked LaBeouf, who also wears flesh-toned underwear. The two perform a choreographed battle of sorts, alternating between states of peace and war in the video co-directed by Sia and Daniel Askill.

Sia Responds To “Elastic Heart” Criticism

The video was released on Wednesday and raised more than a few eyebrows. Many viewers were concerned by the relationship portrayed between LaBeouf and Ziegler, as their dance could be interpreted as depicting an abusive relationship between an older man – LaBeouf is 28 – and a little girl – Ziegler is 12. Sia addressed these concerns on Twitter, explaining that LaBeouf and Ziegler represent two different sides of herself. “All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘Sia’ self states,” Sia wrote.

The singer added that she apologized if her video acted as a trigger to any victims of abuse.

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