Sherri Shepherd, the former View co-host, has agreed to pay child support for her 10-month-old son with ex-husband Lamar Sally.

Sherri Shepherd To Pay Child Support

Shepherd, 48, will pay $4,100 a month in child support for Lamar Jr., until he turns 13. When he turns 13, her monthly payments will increase to $4,600, according to TMZ.

Lamar Jr. was born via surrogate last summer through the use of embryos that Shepherd had created with her then husband Sally. Though Shepherd fought to not be considered the child’s parent, she was officially listed as his legal mother on his birth certificate earlier this year.

In the settlement, Shepherd has requested that all other embryos that she and Sally created be destroyed. The matter has yet to be resolved, though the agreement does state that should Sally have any of the embryos brought to term, Shepherd will bear no financial responsibility.

Shepherd also still stands a chance of losing her obligation to pay child support for Lamar Jr. She is expected to move forward with her fraud claim against Sally, and if the appeals court rules in her favor, her payments will cease to be required.

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