To celebrate reaching three million YouTube subscribers, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell ran naked through the streets of Los Angeles.

In the video — shot as a vlog of sorts — Mitchell’s assistant, Sammy Rosenman, reminded her that on a vacation, Mitchell had said if she reached three million subscribers, she’d run naked through the streets. Mitchell said she would only do it if she had a mask, and Rosenman promptly found a unicorn mask for her.

Mitchell conceded, and she stripped off her pants, shirt and bra and began jogging down the street while Rosenman followed closely in her car.

“That’s that, right?” Mitchell asked before she went outside. “A deal’s a deal.”

Random bystanders had different reactions to seeing the masked star, with some pulling out their phones to videotape her and others simply staring in disbelief.

“You’re doing great sweetie!” Rosenman called out to Mitchell as she ran.

After running around the block, Mitchell quickly hopped back into Rosenman’s car.


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