Love, Simon, which stars Nick Robinson as the titular lead, released in theaters recently to critical acclaim. However, singer Shawn Mendes confirmed in an interview on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show that he was interested in playing the groundbreaking film’s protagonist.


Simon’s character marks the first time a film from a major motion picture studio would have a gay teenager as the lead, and Mendes would’ve “loved” to be a part of that. Ultimately, Robinson, whose previous work includes The Kings of Summer and Jurassic World, earned the role, whom Mendes — and many critics — believe gave an excellent performance.

Mendes has instead keep busy with other projects, specifically a new album. Its first single, “In My Blood,” launched on March 22, coincidentally the same day he saw Love, Simon in theaters. His attention kept getting drawn to his phone while he was trying to watch the film. The young artist said he nevertheless enjoyed the movie, expressing, “It was really amazing, except for the fact that I was freaking out every two minutes checking my phone because the song was coming. I thought going to a movie would be a relaxing thing to do. Opposite!” 

Director Greg Berlanti had previously told the Huffington Post that Robinson was always his ideal pick for the character. “Once we sat down and talked about the movie, I could see that Nick was personally connected with the character,” Berlanti said. “Once he did a read for us, it was really obvious not just to me, but to the studio and to all the producers, that he was our Simon, and he had to do the role.”

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