Shawn Ashmore returned to the role of Ice Man in the latest X-Men flick, Days of Future Past. The installment, directed by Bryan Singer, premiered to overwhelmingly positive reviews last month.

Shawn Ashmore Talks Filming ‘Days Of Future Past’

For Ashmore, who first played Ice Man aka Bobby in 2000’s X-Men, turning up on the set of Days of Future Past felt like a reunion at times. “I’ve been working with Hugh [Jackman], Halle [Barry], Patrick [Stewart], Anna [Pacquin], Ian [McKellen], Ellen [Page], and Daniel Cudmore, among a lot of the other actors for years and years now, so to be honest it feels like a family reunion, when we come back and that’s what it felt like on this film,” Ashmore told uInterview exclusively.

One scene in Days of Future Past required the majority of the film’s stars to shoot a scene together that took days to capture. Suffering from a giggle fit, the cast struggled to keep it together while the cameras were rolling.

“There was one particular scene where Xavier, Logan, Magneto and Storm show up on the peak of the mountain to tell Kitty about their idea of changing the past,” revealed Ashmore. “So it was a bunch of us probably about 10 or 15 of us just sitting around doing the scene on days on end and there was a point where we went stir crazy and everybody couldn’t stop laughing half way through the scene. I feel like it took about two hours to get one take done because everybody started laughing.”

Ashmore’s Tough Ice Slide Scene

While holding in laughter proved to be difficult for the group scenes, the most difficult aspect of filming Days of Future Past for Ashmore was an action scene on the ice slide for which he had to wear an uncomfortable harness. “I think the toughest scene was also my favorite scenes to be honest, and that was doing the ice slide, which I’ve been waiting to do for about 14 years now,” the actor told uInterview. “At the end of the day, when you see it up on screen, they are some of the most exhilarating scenes to watch.”

Ashmore, who currently stars on Fox drama The Following, hopes that he’ll get the chance to reprise his role as the Ice Man once more in the planned X-Men: Apocalypse sequel.

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