Sharon Needles blew away the competition in season fourth of Bravo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, besting the rest of the competition with her signature flare and creative costuming. At NYC Halloween bash Land of the Living Drag, Uinterview asked Needles if she had any advice for those looking to make an impression this Halloween.

“The secret to a great Halloween costume, and I can’t stress this enough, is in my opinion is to extract sexuality out of your costume,” Needles told Uinterview in an exclusive U Rant.

To Needles, a lot of the “sexy” costumes on the market that have become popular are pedestrian, Halloween attire for the less daring and exciting. “There're enough of you ladies out there, who want to be slutty cat, slutty nun or slutty fire fighter. If you really want to catch a good guy, you should do something a little more interesting, with a little more fantasy.”

Noting that her profession allows her to get into costume every day, Needles advocates using the holiday to make a statement about your sexuality. “Use this as a way to express yourself other than just to express your desire for —– and —- to make babies," Needles said, adding, "If you're going to be something sexy, go with something that can’t be sexy — like a sexy hot dog, a sexy vacuum cleaner, a sexy coffee table!"

“Use your imagination, girls!"

– Chelsea Regan

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