While on vacation in Barcelona, Shakira and her 8-year-old son were attacked by wild boars. The singer shared her experience in a series of Instagram stories. It seems that the boars had pounced on Shakira’s purse and shaken up the mother and child duo. Although Shakira was able to snatch her bag back from the hogs, the animals “destroyed everything.” She shared an image of the bag split at the seams and covered in dust on her story.

Although the incident sounds outlandish, wild boar attacks are commonplace in Spain. In 2016, the Spanish police received over 1,100 complaints of boars attacking dogs, running into traffic, stealing produce and sniffing around the garbage. Italy is faced with similar problems where the wild animals travel in packs and terrorize children and the elderly. The boars are a key political issue in Italy where local elected officials are tasked with fixing the problem.

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