Sexual assault charges against Alexander O’Connor, a musical artist who goes by Rex Orange County, have been dropped.

This occurs shortly before O’Connor was set to go to trial, facing six charges of touching a woman without consent. The charges come from several incidents in which O’Connor allegedly assaulted a woman. Two of them took place in London on June 1, one in a taxi the next day and three more times at his home.

O’Connor denied the charges in court and was released on unconditional bail. A trial date had been set for January 3, 2023.


On December 22, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the evidence “no longer met” its criteria for an effective prosecution.

On his social media accounts, O’Connor responded to the news: “I have always denied these allegations and am grateful that the independent evidence has cleared me of any wrongdoing. I have never assaulted anyone and I do not condone violence or abusive behavior of any kind.”

He also cited the information in the case, saying that CCTV footage obtained by the police contradicted the sexual assault charges. You can see O’Connor’s full statement below.

A spokesperson for the CPS said in a statement: “Having carefully considered all the evidence, our legal test for a prosecution was no longer met, and so we will not be continuing a prosecution. We will always seek to prosecute sexual offenses, where our legal test is met, no matter how challenging.”

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