Australian actor Adam Demos has finally addressed speculation around a particularly steamy shower in the Netflix drama series Sex/Life.

Demos emphasized that he never expected the scene, which showed the actor with an exceptionally large endowment, to get as much attention as it has, saying that “when you’re shooting these things you don’t think they’re going to be a viral moment,” he told the Daily Telegraph.


The scene in question is a full-frontal nude scene that left many fans speculating whether Demos used a prosthetic or not, which led to many social media theories going about. “I don’t even think TikTok was around or that popular,” Demos said. “Then it becomes its own thing, and everyone now knows it’s a prosthetic. I think that was part of the intrigue.”


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Demos, 37, seems to have found humor in all the speculations, saying that his friends also found it hilarious. When asked how his friends and family handle watching his more provocative scenes, Demos noted that he hopes they watch “with their eyes closed.”

“My mom is my biggest supporter, there’s never been anyone prouder. She will still watch it, but she has her hands over her eyes for a majority of the show. She loved it but there are moments when she didn’t want to watch her son in that capacity.”

Demos also went on to discuss his real-life relationship with co-star Sarah Shahi, 43, whom he says he “fell in love with who she is and what she’s about,” after meeting on the set of Sex/Life. “Her soul, the way she talks about her kids and her family and as a professional, too, I think she’s one of the best actors ever. I learn a lot when I get to work with her,” he said, gushing about his girlfriend.

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