It was an all out musical war on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show when actor/comedian Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon staged an epic lip sync battle. Fallon kicked off the battle by lip syncing Miami rapper Kent Jones‘ popular hit “Don’t Mind.” Fallon got the crowd super-excited with his funny gestures but Rogen came back strong paying ode to Fallon’s own in house band The Roots by performing their classic 1995 “Mellow My Man.” It seemed like the crowd was tilting towards Rogen once he was finished slapping fives with Roots frontman Black Thought.

Fallon was up next and tried his best to serenade the audience with the hip-hop classic “Slam” by Onyx and even finished the song by falling out on The Tonight Show floor with the mic in his hand! Still, Rogen wasn’t backing down just yet. The actor/comedian silenced Fallon by following-up with an awesome performance of Drake’s number one hit “Hotline Bling.” Rogen even tried to mimic Drake’s popular cha-cha and became the crowd favorite. So, who really won this battle? We’ll let you decide.

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