Seth Meyers hosted the 75th annual Golden Globes on Sunday night, and he didn’t hold back on slamming famous men accused of abuse.

Seth Meyers’ Golden Globes Monologue [VIDEO]

Meyers began referencing the famous men whose careers have been harmed ever since they were accused of sexual harassment or assault from his first few words.

“Good evening ladies and remaining gentleman,” said Meyers. “It’s 2018, marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t,” he added to receive both laughs and thunderous applause.

The 44-year-old comedian and host of NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers particularly took aim at disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey. 

After making a series of remarks about the wave of sexual harassment allegations rocking Hollywood, Meyers began his jokes about the pair.

“Well, I think it’s time to address the elephant not in the room,” said Meyers. “Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight, because I’ve heard rumors he’s crazy and difficult to work with. But don’t worry, he’ll be back in 20 years, when he becomes the first person ever booed during the In Memoriam,” he quipped, referencing the annual segment of the Academy Awards where a video is made to honor all the celebrities who died that year.

Several loud groans were heard following that comment, to which Meyers wittily replied, “it’ll sound like that” and the reactions swiftly changed to laughs.

Weinstein, the co-founder of Miramax and The Weinstein Company, has been accused of harassment or rape by more than 80 women, mostly actresses or models.

Meyers then took aim at Golden Globe and Oscar winner Spacey.

“Well, despite everything that happened this year, the show goes on. For example, I was happy to hear they’re going to do another season of House of Cards. Is Christopher Plummer available for that, too?” The audience laughed as Meyers referred to Plummer having replaced Spacey for his role as real-life oil tycoon J.P. Getty in Ridley Scott’s drama All the Money in the World. 

Spacey was removed from the film less than two months before its Dec. 25 release due to allegations that he had sexually molested young boys going as far back as 31 years ago. Ridley and the cast and crew of All the Money in the World  re-shot all of Spacey’s scenes in recent weeks and Plummer was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, although he lost to Sam Rockwell, one of the stars of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. 

“I hope he can do a Southern accent, because Kevin Spacey sure couldn’t” Meyers continued, referring to Spacey’s nefarious South Carolinian character of President Frank Underwood on House of Cards as more groans came from the crowd and the camera panned to show a chuckling Plummer.

Spacey was also fired from the Netflix political drama series following the allegations against him. House of Cards announced the sixth and final season would be released, although without Spacey. The actor won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his performance in the show in 2015.

The actor was also roasted later in the monologue, when Meyers enlisted help from celebrities in the room to tell the punch lines of some of his jokes.

Call Me By Your Name is nominated for Best Motion Picture, said Meyers. “It’s a gay coming-of-age film.”

“Said Kevin Spacey: ‘You lost me at of age,'” finished gay comedian Billy Eichner. 

“They tried to get a woman to host this show, they really did,” Meyers also said at one point to setup a zinger that also seemed to play well. They said ‘hey, how would you like to come and be judged by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood, and women were like ‘well, where is it?’ They said it’s at a hotel, and long story short, I’m your host tonight.”

Weinstein reportedly lured many young women to hotel rooms and would ask them to massage him while he was naked or nearly nude as one of his many tactics for sexual advances.

Several actresses like Natalie Portman, Amy Poehler and Emma Watson brought female activists dedicated to promoting gender equality as guests to the ceremony.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 02: Actor Kevin Spacey attends the Oscars held at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)


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