Seth Meyers appeared on Saturday Night Live for the last time as a main cast member of the long-running comedy sketch show this weekend.

Seth Meyers Says Goodbye To 'SNL'

Joining Meyers at the Weekend Update desk for his farewell were current co-host Cecily Strong, former co-host Amy Poehler and his "husband" Stefon (Bill Hader). Former SNL players Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen stopped by as well.

Stefon, as usual, stole the scene from the start when he started listing off the trendy one-syllable new clubs that had opened in the city. He then explained to Meyers that he and Poehler were going to reintroduce him to the world outside of SNL, saying, “We’re like a gateway drugs, you know, like bath salts and meow meow.”

Stefon also poked fun at Meyers' lengthy stay on Saturday Night Live, which has made him the member with the second-longest tenure on the show. “You’re like the Sting of SNL,” Stefon quipped. “Because it takes you 12 years to finish.”

Stefon Snaps At Cecily Strong

Strong, who was given a vote of confidence by veteran Poehler, appeared to be getting choked up at the prospect of losing Meyers by her side. Stefon shouts at her, “You barely know him!” before hissing like a cat across the table. Later, he says to her, “Keep my man’s name out ya mouth.”

In an even stranger moment, Stefon attempts to explain to his husband the merits of human DVRs: “It’s that thing where a midget sits on your TV and tells you what happened on Scandal. And like a regular cable box, it goes down all the time.”

Before SNL cut to commercial, Meyers took his final Weekend Update in a more serious direction to sincerely offer his thanks to the writers, the cast he’s worked with on the show and Lorne Michaels. “This is the job I always wanted, and I’ve had the best time and I’ve met the best people,” he said directly into the camera. “And I just want to thank the crew and the cast, and especially the writers and Lorne.”

Meyers next gig is taking over for Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night when Fallon takes up hosting duties on The Tonight Show. For his Feb. 24 premiere, Poehler will serve as his first guest.

– Chelsea Regan

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