Seth Gilliam, who joined the cast of The Walking Dead last season, was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning in Peachtree City, Ga.

Seth Gilliam Arrested

Gilliam was pulled over for going 107 mph in a 55-mph zone, according to Peachtree City police. Upon pulling the actor over, police reportedly discovered a marijuana cigarette inside the vehicle. Since police smelled alcohol on Gilliam, they asked him if he had been drinking. He admitted that he had three beers and a shot and subsequently blew a .107 blood alcohol level, reported TMZ.


Police arrested Gillliam and brought him to the Fayette County Jail, where he was charged with a DUI, drug possession and speeding.

Gilliam was released on $9,818 bail.

On The Walking Dead, Gilliam plays Gabriel Stokes, a morally dubious former reverend, who causes trouble for Rick in their new Alexandria community.

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