Anthony Sowell, an Ohio serial killer, has died in prison. The 61-year-old was sentenced to death in 2011 for killing 11 women and hiding their remains in and around his home.

Sowell was receiving care at the Franklin Medical Center for a terminal illness when he died on Monday. The department said that his death was not related to COVID-19.

Cleveland police searched Sowell’s house in 2009 while investigating a rape case when they discovered two dead bodies in his home. They later found the remains of all 11 women. Sowell was convicted and put on death row in 2011 for murdering those women. He was also found guilty of raping two other women and attempting to rape a third.

Sowell’s continued to appeal his case over the past decade. Last May, a three judge panel with the 8th District Court of Appeals found that Sowell failed to present enough evidence that he did not receive a fair trial. Sowell also tried to prove that his trial attorneys ineffectively represented him. The panel additionally dismissed Sowell’s petition for post-conviction relief.

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