Serge Vorobyov attempted to spread some Christmas cheer on shopping holiday Black Friday by tossing $1,000 from the fourth floor of the Mall of America, only to find himself in cuffs.

Man Throws $1K Into Mall Of America Rotunda

On Black Friday, the annual day where retailers slash prices for eager Christmas shoppers, Vorobyov went to Minneapolis’ Mall of America – the largest shopping mall in the country. Reaching into a black bag, Vorobyov proceeded to throw wads of cash into the mall’s rotunda as a choir sang the popular Christmas song “Let It Snow,” reported Time magazine.

Why did Vorobyov make the generous gesture? “I went through a horrible divorce, and she even took the cat and won’t tell me where it is. I thought I would just spread some holiday cheer … pay it forward.”

Serge Vorobyov Gets Arrested

Unfortunately, Vorobyov’s motive for giving away $1,000 in cash didn’t help him avoid trouble will law enforcement. Police arrested the newly divorced Vorobyov, claiming that his act of generosity could have resulted in injuries to the mall’s shoppers. He’s been charged with disorderly conduct.

– Chelsea Regan

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