According to Michelob ULTRA beer, the greatest sports stars in the world all have a secret love of bowling. In this fantasy reality, we get to see the likes of Peyton Manning, Nneka Ogwumike, Alex Morgan, and finally, Serena Williams, face off in this slick and stylish Super Bowl commerical.

The ad opens with an exterior shot of the bowling alley at night as Manning approaches, with a pretty decent pun worked into the name in “Superior Bowl.” Manning swaggers in and picks up his shoes from an employee played by Steve Buscemi. As Manning picks a lane, we see around him are a ton of sports stars, and he bowls alongside Morgan, Ogwumike and Jimmy Butler.

Everyone featured has a good shot of them bantering or taunting each other, and the commercial caps off when Williams enters in a purple bowling shirt bodysuit leaving everyone stunned.

The commercial seems to be a loving reference to The Big Lebowski, in which one of the most prominent locations was a bowling alley. The slow-motion shots and soundtrack of the commercial are reminiscent of the film, and the addition of Buscemi to the cast is likely a nod to his role as Donny in The Big Lebowski. The huge amount of star power and slick production of this commercial made it a favorite to many Super Bowl viewers.


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You can watch the Michelob ULTRA commercial here.

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