One of the stars of Netflix’s hit reality franchises Selling SunsetHeather Rae Young, is opening up to followers about her fertility plans with her husband, Flip Or Flop‘s own Tarek El Moussa.

Young, who has changed her last name to her married name Heather El-Moussa on social media, posted a video to TikTok from her fertility clinic to explain that she will be freezing her eggs and to describe the results of the ultrasound she just received.

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Heather first discussed that her ultrasound came back finding a cyst on one side, but that it is “fine, they just monitor it.” The reality star confirmed that she will soon be deciding whether to move forward with egg-freezing in January. “Last time I did this, I got six healthy eggs, so I have six on ice right now,” she revealed.

She wraps up the video summarizing a blood test that she’ll be heading into to confirm her egg count because “in the past, I had low fertility and low egg count.”

Heather also wrote in the caption that she hopes sharing this journey online will help “some of you ladies.”

While the couple doesn’t plan on rushing into having a baby, they have revealed in an interview with E!  that they are “practicing having babies” until the right time. Tarek has two children with ex-wife Christina Haack already: daughter Taylor and son Brayden.

Selling Sunset‘s fourth season premiered in November, and Tarek has made some appearances on the show after uncertainties concerning his HGTV contract. A fifth season has already been confirmed by Netflix.

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