Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith, who shares two children with former NFL player Ralph Brown, requested a change to her and her ex-husband’s custody agreement, citing his apparent disappearance as justification. Their current arrangement came about following the two’s July 2015 divorce.


The 44-year-old real estate agent is requesting sole legal and physical custody of Noah, 11, and Braker, 10, along with the ability to approve Brown’s visitations. She said her ex-husband has not paid child support in more than five years and that he emailed her in September 2019, revealing that he “did not have the stability nor finances to keep the kids.”

The television personality stated that she has not seen Brown since a chance encounter in November 2019. The former NFL player has seemingly disappeared, making no effort to contact his ex-wife or children. However, Smith has previously said that she has a “good idea” of his whereabouts.

In an email concerning the custody agreement, she wrote, “His disappearance has been such a mystery that both my attorney and I have been contacted by various reporters seeking information on his whereabouts. I have made several efforts to have him located, and do believe I may have a good idea as to where he is (although I have no confirmed factual knowledge).”

Since Brown’s disappearance, Smith has filed several missing person’s reports, in addition to hiring a private investigator in February 2021.

“I was told that Ralph was seen going into a building holding hands with a woman, and that he looked fine,” she continued in the same email. “That hit me so hard emotionally, going from fear and concern to the realization that he was likely ok, but just didn’t care about our kids, that I went into a depression and could hardly get out of bed for three days.”

Smith has also reached out to her ex-husband’s relatives. “I’ve reached out to every family member,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve had friends reach out. If I reach out to his sister and brother-in-law, the next thing, I would be blocked.”

The reality star’s next custody hearing is set for September 29.

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