Selena Gomez joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show for a fun round of Dubsmash Thursday night.

Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon Have Fun With Dubsmash App

Fallon showed Gomez the new Dubsmash app on an iPad and prepared to record a few dubsmash videos.

“The app has thousands of sound bytes from movies, TV shows, songs… you can record yourself lip-syncing to them and Selena and I are gonna try out a few right now,” Fallon told the audience.

The host held up the iPad, facing the camera, and hilariously started to lip-sync a few words. After Fallon finished recording the video, he turned the iPad towards the audience and presented his fun dubsmash of the 1-800-Empire jingle.

Gomez was up next and she appeared to rock out a bit in her lip-syncing, as the audience laughed at her over-the-top head shaking and crazed eyes. But, when the singer turned the iPad around, she presented her fun dubsmash of the famous Lion King song “Ah Zabenya.”

Check out Gomez and Fallon’s funny round of Dubsmash below:

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