In a day when some criticize primetime television as a smorgasbord of derivative reality shows and spiritless sitcoms, many are celebrating the news that Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman just had a new comedy purchased by FOX. The kicker? It's inspired by the life of former FBI's Most Wanted mobster James "Whitey" Bulger, 82, who was recently hunted down and arrested, along with his wife, after decades on the lam.

While basing the sitcom on Bulger himself could be in poor taste, Mehlman figured that the mobster's neighbors were fair game. The real inspiration comes from the idea that Bulger had been living a quaint little life in Santa Monica, Calif., when he was found and apprehended by police this summer.

"I'm not out to glorify this guy," Mehlman told The Boston Herald about Bulger, who was also loosely portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the Martin Scorsese film, The Departed. "I have him interacting with a young couple, the quintessential do-gooders, who live next door." The unsuspecting duo would quickly find themselves boggled and bewildered by the oddity of the old man. The character, who would be named Itchy Dolan, would be "constantly on guard," says Mehlman. "When Itchy walks into somebody else's apartment, for instance, he's constantly lowering the shades." Topping Mehlman's dream list of people to play Itchy is actor John Malkovich.

Other shows that FOX is in talks to produce? According to Digital Spy, a sitcom by Bill Lawrence, the creator of hit shows Cougar Town and Scrubs.


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