Ronda Rousey, current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, has proven herself to be practically invincible. She’s one all 12 of her professional fights and this year was ranked number one of fifty Most Dominant Athletes Alive.

See What Happens When Ronda Rousey Takes On ‘Street Fighter II’

She’s pretty tough. But can she take on the characters of classic arcade video game Street Fighter? Short answer: yes, yes she can. Check out a pixelated Rousey throwing some serious punches in the video below.

In the clip Rousey knocks out all three of her opponents with a single and blow and, like the real life fighting champion, serves up some hilarious put-downs.

“Men want to fight me until they actually fight me,” she declares. “I think that was six seconds. Try to last longer than the ladies. Don’t be a do-nothing b****.”

Rousey stirred up some controversy this week when it resurfaced that she’d once beaten up an ex who took nude pictures of her without her consent. The story originally appeared in Rousey’s autobiography, Your Fight/My Fight back in May but went relatively unnoticed until this week.

In the book she describes the revenge she exacted upon an ex she dubs “Snappers McCreepy” who took nude photos of her and then attempted to lock her in his apartment:

“I deleted the photos. Then I erased the hard drive. Then I waited for Snappers McCreepy to come home from work. I stood frozen like a statue in his kitchen, getting angrier and angrier. I started cracking my knuckles and clenched my teeth. The longer I waited, the madder I got. Forty-five minutes later, he walked in the door. He saw my face and froze. He asked what was wrong and when I didn’t say anything, he started to cry. I slapped him across the face so hard my hand hurt…I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook.”

The anecdote has received both praise and criticism, some supporting Rousey in her claim that she was acting in self defense and others interpreting the story as an incident of domestic violence. To these detractors Rousey has said: “If you find out that someone was taking naked pictures of you, then trying to lock you in an apartment, see what you do.”

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