The first trailer for I, Tonya, dropped today and gives a first look at Margot Robbie as disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding.


This dark comedy tells the story of Harding and rival skater Nancy Kerrigan, and how the jealous Harding hired an assailant to break Kerrigan’s leg before the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics so she couldn’t compete. Harding was caught and was later stripped of the national title she won in 1994. She was also served a lifetime ban from the figure skating world.

Robbie plays Harding, and in the first trailer we see smoking a cigarette and stubbing it out with her skate before she competes. “America. They want someone to love, but they want someone to hate,” her voiceover says. “And the haters always say, ‘Tonya, tell the truth.’ There’s no such thing as truth, I mean it’s bulls–t.”

The 52-second clip is more of a brief teaser than a trailer, but it’s intercutting of an axel jump, crowd’s cheering, and Harding smashing a leg with a HAMMER is extremely effective. The pump-up music at the end gives the tone of a comedy combined with the visuals of a thriller.

I, Tonya debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, where it quickly became a festival favorite. At the Q&A following the screening, Robbie admits, “I only spent a couple of hours” meeting with Harding, and said she was afraid to stay any longer. “Otherwise I might have too much empathy for her.”

I, Tonya hits theaters Dec. 8.

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