Following Melissa McCarthy‘s hilarious impression of Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, the White House press secretary had some retorts of his own.

In an interview on Sunday during the Super Bowl, Spicer was asked about his thoughts on McCarthy’s guest appearance.

Sean Spicer Reacts To Melissa McCarthy’s Impression

“I think Melissa McCarthy needs to slow down on the gum chewing,” Spicer said. “Way too many pieces in there.”

Apparently that seemed to be Spicer’s only gripe with the impression.

In the skit, McCarthy portrays Spicer as insanely aggressive man, who appears in front of reporters to “swallow gum and take names.” McCarthy proceeds to take questions about President Trump’s ban on Muslim travelers, but adamantly denies that the ban is a ban, and ends up not really answering any of the reporters’ questions at all. McCarthy also skirts questions on chief strategist Steve Bannon‘s role on the National Security Council.

Spicer said he learned about the skit after a flood of text messages he received while leaving church on Sunday. He claimed he believed there “was a national emergency or something really funny happening.”

When asked about Alec Baldwin‘s impressions of Trump on SNL, Spicer deemed the skits as “mean.”

“He’s gone from funny to mean and that’s unfortunate,” Spicer said. “Saturday Night Live used to be really funny and I think there’s a streak of meanness now that they’ve crossed over into.”

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