Through his charity CORE, the actor and director Sean Penn will be supplying aid to Ukrainian refugees and announced a partnership with Krakow, Poland’s mayor Jacek Majchrowski in the initiative.

According to current plans, CORE will be opening an office in the city which will be a refugee center. Its employees will be trained in assisting refugees in border crossing and resettlement, and the charity will also be paying for the renovation of several buildings in Krakow that will house up to 50 refugees.

Penn has been very vocal and active during the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year and had even been filming scenes for a documentary about tensions in Ukraine as early as November of 2021. He returned to the country to film the conflict for a separate VICE Studios documentary in February and was seen in photos interviewing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Penn even walked to the Polish border with his small crew after they left their car on the side of the road due to heavy crowding on the roads.

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