Hopefully it won’t come to blows for Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn to settle their differences. Jean, 40, whose recent bid to become the next president of Haiti ended when it was determined he was not a resident of the nation, recently accused Penn, 50, of doing cocaine instead of really helping in the relief efforts after the earthquake. 

His remark came on the heels of Penn’s unkind words about the musician’s desire to run for president. In an appearance on Larry King, Penn, who volunteered in Haiti doing disaster relief, seemed skeptical about Jean’s run.  "So many of us on the ground wondered where he was when that kind of attention was so necessary and absent, and why he was not helping to keep this desperate situation in the news," Penn said.

In a concert on Friday in New York, Jean responded to Penn by singing, "I got a message for Sean Penn. Maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine." Penn’s representatives have issued a statement to Justjared.com completely denying the charge. “Mr. Jean is clearly unfamiliar with the physical demands put upon volunteers in Haiti,” they emailed, pointing out that the organization Penn worked for "has a ZERO tolerance policy for any and all illegal drugs." Jean, a Haitian native, was disqualified from running based on his residence in New Jersey. He has also come under attack for alleged financial discrepancies regarding his charity Yele Haiti. —AMY LEE


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