Scream Queens‘ second episode, “Chainsaw,” continued to delve into the mystery of who the Red Devil big bad is with a growing list of potential suspects for the college campus killer.

‘Scream Queens’ Recap

While doing some light grocery shopping at the local convenience store, Zayday (Keke Palmer) tells Grace (Skyler Samuels) that she’s not too keen on Pete, because, well, he has a red devil costume in his closet. Just then, a red devil approaches them. Grace aims a taser at his crotch, but soon learns it’s merely one of Zayday’s classmates. When the two girls head back to the sorority house an into Chanel No. 2’s room, they find a red stain and no Chanel No. 2. The stain is confirmed to be blood by the luminol Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash) uses to detect “Horsey Sauce”  on Arby’s roast beef sandwiches.

Denise thinks that Chanel No. 2 is dead because of her tweet about the Red Devil murdering her. Grace and Zayday point out that new posts are going up on her Instagram, indicating that she could be alive. Together, the three decide to head to her home in Beverly Hills. Chanel No. 2 aka Sonia hasn’t been seen by her parents in weeks. However, they did know that she’d been dating Chad (Glen Powell) – like everyone else. At the end of the day, Denise starts to think that Zayday is the murderer, mostly because of her tweets about How to Get Away with Murder. 

Back at the college, Chanel (Emma Roberts) is trying to rekindle her relationship with Chad, who is upset that he will no longer be getting regular compliments from his dead gay friend Boone (Nick Jonas). It’s going to take him a whole two weeks to get over it. He’s also still upset with Chanel that she got grossed out when he eroticized corpses. However, the real nail in the coffin of their relationship is that Chanel wants Chad to sleep with less people, presumably all of her sorority sisters.


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In something of a PR move, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) delivers a speech to quell the rumors about a serial killing red devil. However, she does think it would be prudent to do away with the red devil as the school mascot, replacing it with Coney the ice cream cone. It’s not long before the Red Devil seeks out Coney and cuts his mascot reign short, taking a chainsaw to slice him clean in half.

Inside the Kappa house, Hester “neck brace” Ulrich (Lea Michele) raids Chanel’s closet and gets caught. After Chanel chastises her for violating her closet – aka her “second vag” – and bragging about her close personal relationship with “Uncle Karl” Lagerfeld, she decides to give Hester a makeover. If there’s one less loser in the sorority, the better it bodes for her plans to get back with Chad.

While the makeover is underway to create a Chanel No. 6, Chanel No. 3 tries to get close to Sam so that she can tell her a dark secret. The main secret is that Charles Manson is her father. She wants Sam to be her soul mate and to be her alibi for the next time there’s a murder, which basically means they can never leave each others’ sides.

Outside, the Dicki Dollars, convinced that Boone did not kill himself, walk the streets in white ascots and carrying baseball bats to lure out the Red Devil and fight him. Things don’t go as planned and one of the Dickie Dollars becomes the Red Devil’s latest victim.

Grace, after realizing her dad Wes (Oliver Hudson) is her new professor, storms out of the class, and in her favorite Sherlock Holmes hat, goes to apologize to Pete (Diego Boneta). While her father treats the class to what he believes is the greatest film ever made – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – she and Pete go on a new investigative mission. This time, they’re going to talk to a former sorority sister.

Later that night, the Kappa house, with new roommates Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) and the Dean, get their latest attack. Somehow, 90s chapter leader Gigi manages to escape unscathed, though Wes, who was paying her a visit ,gets cut in the arm. Wes, convinced that the Dean is the murder, tells her not to make a move before the police arrive.

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