Scott Eastwood and Clemens Schick attended the photocall for upcoming movie Overdrive with the rest of the cast in Berlin.


Overdrive features Eastwood and Freddie Thorp as two car-stealing brothers who find themselves caught in the crosshairs of a local crime boss in southern France. The film was produced by action fiend Pierre Morel, who previously produced Taken.

The car theft flick features many BMWs driven by the brothers, and Eastwood was excited about the driving. “Shooting with BMW cars is always incredible! The BMW 327 is such a beautiful vintage model and you cannot feel unimpressed by it,” he said. “Riding the M3’s hood was another beast though and you could clearly feel the car’s dynamism, a bit similar to the new BMW 5 Series I worked on.”

Schick was equally excited about the movie, posting on Facebook about the photocall. “Just finished pressday for OVERDRIVE,” he wrote. “In theaters june 29th with scott eastwood, freddie thorp, anna de armas and gaia weiss.”