The Church of Scientology, which practices the belief system founded by L. Ron Hubbard and made famous by the likes of Tom Cruise and other Hollywood celebrities, aired a minute-long ad during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Scientology Super Bowl Commercial

The ad titled “Spiritual Technology” features a voiceover monologue while sun-soaked images of Scientology headquarters and upward-looking individuals are shown. “Imagine Science and religion connecting. Imagine technology and spirituality combining,” the voiceover says. “Now imagine that everything you ever imagined is possible. Scientology – there are higher states of existence.”

The ad, though not created specifically for the Super Bowl, aired on various local stations in the United States during the Sunday evening broadcast.

Over the years, Scientology has come under fire repeatedly for its controversial practices, which includes auditing and labeling those who speak or act in opposition to it as Suppressive Persons, who must be shunned by those within the church. However, many individuals in the entertainment industry, including Cruise, John Travolta and Orange is the New Black’s Laura Prepon have spoken in defense of their religion.

– Chelsea Regan

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