Liv went back to the White House to help get Susan Ross confirmed as Vice President and Huck got caught between his wife and protecting Liv when B613 resurfaced on Scandal’s “The Testimony of Diego Munoz.”

Scandal 4×15 Recap:

Liv (Kerry Washington) is struggling to get back to her normal routine after being kidnapped and held hostage, but she’s dragged out of her funk when Rose, the older woman who had come to Pope & Associates looking for “the black lady” while Liv was away, knocks on her door to ask her to help look for Lois. Liv, of course, knows what happened to Lois: she was killed by Liv’s kidnappers, her body removed from the crime scene with Liv. Upon meeting with Rose, Liv decides to head into the office and put Huck (Guillermo Díaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) on the case. She knows Lois is dead, but what she doesn’t know is what happened to her body.

Susan Ross Confirmed As VP

When Liv isn’t helping Rose get through her loss, she’s busy trying to help Abby (Darby Stanchfield) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). At the White House, Abby has brought in her boyfriend, Republican strategist, Leo (Paul Adelstein), to help prep VP candidate Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani) for her confirmation hearing. Abby’s coaching can only do so much, and Ross’ awkward, unfiltered personality gets the best of her, causing a wave of negative press.

Leo and Abby successfully turn Ross around, but when a rumor emerges suggesting that the House won’t vote to approve Ross, Abby realizes she needs the big guns. The Democrats have decided they won’t approve Ross’ appointment out of spite because of how the President went to war in West Angola, and Fitz refuses to apologize. That is, not until Abby convinces Liv to help her get Ross confirmed.

With one hurdle over, Ross’ confirmation seems imminent when, in prep, Leo pushes Susan too far, much to Abby’s dismay, and Susan storms off, quitting. Abby is furious, and later explodes at Leo as the two are getting ready for bed. She fires Leo, and he storms out. Abby thinks their relationship is over, but she focuses on getting Susan confirmed instead of her relationship woes. When she returns home the next day, Leo arrives and the two make up.

Huck Testifies About B613

Huck’s wife, Kim (Jasika Nicole), a lawyer, goes to David Rosen’s open call for injustices – something the Attorney General apparently does once a month – and brings along the B613 files Huck gave her to prove to her he wasn’t crazy. David (Joshua Malina) is able to keep it together during the meeting, successfully hiding the fact that she’s handing him back his files, that he color coded when the gang tried to shut down B613 last season. Not only does the wife have the files, she also tells Rosen that her husband, a man named Diego Munoz, is willing to testify against the secret spy organization.

Not knowing that Diego Munoz is, in fact, his dangerous buddy Huck, David goes straight to Huck and Jake (Scott Foley) to tell them of this case. Jake immediately suggests killing the wife, but David refuses to listen to any talk about murder, and Huck quickly shuts that down when he tells them that he’s Diego Munoz. Both Jake and David are convinced that if the files get out, they’re all going down, and Huck has to shut it down. But, it’s not that easy for Huck, who has continued to grow his relationship with his son and his ex. He confronts her about her desire to bring charges against B613, and she tells him that he should do what’s right and testify in court in exchange for full immunity. Huck agrees to testify, and Jake tells him that he’ll have to lie and testify that he’s just a soldier suffering from extreme PTSD. Huck seems all set to lie, but when faced with the reality of his deposition, he changes his mind. He’s not going to choose to protect Olivia over doing the right thing by his family.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Huck track down Lois’ body, allowing Liv to give Rose closure. She helps Rose arrange for a casket and funeral services, and sits with Rose when she says goodbye to her friend and lover. Watching Rose cry over Lois’ casket, Liv thinks of her own loves, Jake and Fitz. When she returns home to her apartment, Liv decides she wants to try to get back to some kind of normal. She makes popcorn and pours herself a glass of red wine.

Finally, the episode ended with David meeting with Jake to tell him about Huck’s testimony. Jake again tells David that he has to shut it down, but David refuses. He’s done being the bad guy.

Lena Dunham guest stars on next week’s Scandal, airing Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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