Scandal revealed more of Olivia’s complex history with her father, including how she found out that he is the man in charge of super-secret CIA assassins, B-613 and got him to release Huck, in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner."

Flashback to five years ago: a younger Liv (Kerry Washington) has reluctantly entered into a bargain with her father (whom she still believes works at the Smithsonian), the terms of which dictate that he will pay off her law school debts and she will have dinner with him every Sunday. Rowan/Eli (Joe Morton) is trying to make up for his abandonment of Liv after the death of her mother, but he is also not willing to give her anything if she refuses to have a relationship with him that he deems acceptable – he expects to hear about her life.

After one of these dinners, Liv brings her leftovers to Huck (Guillermo Diaz), who is homeless and living in Union Station, and is promptly attacked by two muggers. Huck uses his super spy fighting skills to save Liv and her purse, immediately peaking her interest. She swears to him that he can trust her, and he rambles about B-613, “Acme Limited,” “Welcome to Wonderland,” and talks about Command – the person or entity that ordered he be locked in the Hole and reprogrammed. In an effort to help Huck, Liv asks her father to ask his DC contacts about B-613 and tells him about Huck. The next time they speak, Rowan tells his daughter that B-613 is an illusion and mentions that Huck had been arrested due to an extensive criminal record and was placed in a psych ward.

Liv is not pleased. She goes to David Rosen (Joshua Malina) and asks him for a favor: he runs the prints off her purse, but he insists that there are no matches for Huck’s fingerprints in the system – he has never been arrested.


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By a stroke of genius, Liv realizes that a pen she had taken from her father had “Acme Limited” printed on it – she does a little research and visits the Acme Limited building on Wonderland Avenue. At their next Sunday dinner, Liv confronts her father and demands to know what he does for a living. Rowan menacingly informs her that she does not want to know, and that he would prefer their relationship not to enter into that territory, or he will be forced to show his true colors. Liv walks out of the restaurant, she wants nothing to do with her father.

Later, Liv shows up at her father’s house with her new fiancé, Edison Davis (Norm Lewis), making a point of the fact that Edison was just appointed to a special Committee in the Senate. He’s her power play – and it works, sort of. Rowan delivers Huck back to Union Station, but also almost kills Edison in an “accident” at the Washington Monument. He doesn’t think Edison is good enough for his daughter, and he wants the engagement broken and done. Olivia swears that they are finished, she never wants him in her life ever again, and she decides to reach out to Huck.

In the present day, Rowan makes a surprise appearance to Pope & Associates, masquerading as a happy and proud father to all of Liv’s coworkers, including Huck. He has come to threaten Liv: let Jeanine be labeled the President’s mistress and he will consider letting Jake (Scott Foley) out of the hole, but clear her name and Jake is as good as dead. Liv calls Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and begs him to strong arm B-613 into releasing Jake, and he tries his best, but, really, there is nothing he can do. B-613 doesn’t answer to the President, they appear to answer to no one but themselves.

Following Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Cyrus’ (Jeff Perry) framing of Jeanine Locke as President Grant’s mistress, Olivia has decided to represent Jeanine to clear her name, free of charge and with the complete support of Fitz. But, Mellie, who is seeing her good name becoming more and more tarnished as the days go by without a confirmed White House mistress, reaches out to Jeanine and offers her millions of dollars to lie and go on national television to announce that she did, in fact, have an affair with Fitz.

In the end, Jeanine doesn’t have time to make a decision. President Grant calls an impromptu press conference and gives Cyrus two options: either he announces to the press that Cyrus orchestrated framing Jeanine as the President’s mistress, surely getting them both kicked out of office, or he confirms to the press Jeanine’s identity as his mistress and Cyrus gets B-613 to release Jake. Apparently, Cyrus goes for the latter, and the President publicly confirms the rumor that he slept with Jeanine.

Finally, the episode ended with two Scandal-changing moments: 1) Huck and Quinn (Katie Lowes) figure out that Liv’s dad is really ‘Command’ and is in charge of B-613 and Huck confronts Liv about it, almost chocking her to death in the process.

And, 2) Jake is delivered safely (sort of) to Liv’s doorstep in return for Sunday night dinners.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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