Fitz finds out about Mellie's affair with Andrew, and Adnan and Maya break into Pope & Associates in Scandal's "Mama Said Knock You Out."

In a Scandal first, the audience met President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) and Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) two oldest children, Karen (Madeline Carroll) and Jerry (Dylan Minnette), who are high school students. The kids are less than thrilled at the idea of having to sit through a family dinner, let alone a live on-air interview with the First Family. During their pre-interview prep with Liv (Kerry Washington), Jerry is silent and seems a little too interested in just how live the interview is (no time delays). Liv calls in Pope & Associates and tells them to drop everything for the next 24 hours: they’re looking into Jerry and Karen.

Pope & Associates are busy working on taking down B-613, when they are forced to stop abruptly. Liv thinks that if they can find out where B-613 gets their money, they can cut them off and wait for B-613 to die from lack of funding. Huck (Guillermo Díaz) doesn’t think they should go up against B-613, or at least, they shouldn’t do it without Quinn (Katie Lowes), but LIv tells him to leave it, Quinn made her choice. Meanwhile, Quinn is on assignment with Charlie (George Newbern) and telling him about her visit from Huck. Charlie presses her for details. He can tell she’s not telling the whole truth – she leaves out the fact that Huck kissed her – and he asks her to move in with him, but she refused. Later, Huck and Quinn meet and he tells her that she needs to get out of B-613. She asks him how he could be ready to kill her one week and then want to save her the next. She doesn’t want it to be about whatever may or may not be happening between them after their kiss. She gets back at him for torturing her, licking his face and kissing him before pushing him away. When she gets home, she finds Charlie has moved into her apartment without asking.

At the White House, Karen catches Mellie having sex with Andrew (Jon Tenney) and Liv finds out that Jerry is running an anti-Grant Twitter account and is planning on sabotaging the interview. The interview is falling apart, Karen is disappointed in both her parents, both cheaters, and Mellie insists that Liv cancel the interview. Liv tries to postpone, but it’s a nonstarter, so she goes to Karen and Jerry to see if she can talk things out with them. Before any progress can be made, Fitz barges in demanding that they get dressed and do the interview, if not for him than for their mother. Outraged, Karen tells Fitz about Mellie and Andrew. Fitz storms out and punches Andrew in the face.

Fitz takes some time to yell at Mellie, saying that she told him she was no longer a sexual being after Jerry was born and turned him away, leading to the death of their romantic marriage. Fitz dramatically insists on leaving his love affair with Liv out of the argument, insisting that it was Mellie who broke them, not him. Mellie walks out after Olivia interrupts them and tries to get them to focus on the interview. Finally, after a pep talk from Cyrus (Jeff Perry), Liv tells Fitz that he needs to fix his family and get out there and do the interview. Fitz tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to hear it: this is work.

Adnan Salif (Nazanin Boniadi) and Maya (Khandi Alexander) begin on phase 2 of their evil terrorist plot. Adnan goes to Pope & Associates, saying she’s in over her head with Maya and wants to make a deal: she’ll give up everything she knows about Liv’s mother’s terrorist plot in exchange for full immunity. While waiting for David (Joshua Malina) to come through with the immunity deal, Adnan and Harrison (Columbus Short) hook up in his office and she drugs him. She grabs files off Olivia’s computer detailing the campaign, and the President’s every move and security detail. B-613, and Jake (Scott Foley), watches as Adnan and Mama Pope meet with a terrorist to exchange the information, but Jake decides to wait a bit before busting them to “see how it plays out.”

Jake has other problems to deal with. For one, during a visit to the Oval Office, Cyrus burst in and tried to attack him, yelling that he killed James, something Jake doesn’t deny before leaving Cy with Fitz.

Second, Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) is turning against him slowly but surely. At first, Rowan cautions Liv against digging into B-613, but after a threatening visit from Jake, he calls his daughter and tells her where B-613 gets their funding. They don’t get it from one department, but from all departments.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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