Gore ruled this Halloween as Saw 3D took the number one slot at the box office. The seventh and final installment of the horror series took in $24.2 million over the weekend in an improvement over Saw VI's $14.1 million opening, though the film still underperformed the second through the fifth entries in the series, which all earned over $30 million upon launching.

Though Saw 3D was the only movie to open nationwide on Halloween weekend, Paranormal Activity 2 [pictured] held on at second place, with $16.5 million. Hilary Swank's based-on-a-true-story drama Conviction expanded from 55 to 565 theaters this weekend, making $1.8 million to just earn it the number ten spot at the box office.

Action comedy Red, starring Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker, held at number three with $10.8 million, while hit Jackass 3D dropped to number four with $8.4 million, though the gross-out stunt flick crossed the $100 million gross mark in just its seventeenth day out. –AMY LEE

See full box office results below:

Title/Weekend Gross/Total Gross

1. Saw 3D, $24.2 million/ $24.2 million
2. Paranormal Activity 2, $16.5 million /$65.6 million
3. Red, $10.8 million/ $58.9 million
4. Jackass 3D, $8.4 million/ $101.5 million
5. Hereafter, $6.3 million/ $22.1 million
6. Secretariat, $5.1 million/ $44.7 million
7. The Social Network, $4.7 million/ $79.7 million
8. Life as We Know It, $4 million/ $43.4 million
9. The Town, $2 million/ $87.6 million
10. Conviction, $1.8 million/ $2.3 million

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