Saturday Night Live had a field day with Michael Cohen‘s testimony before Congress, enlisting the talents of Ben Stiller to reprise his role as President Donald Trump‘s former personal attorney.

The comedy showcase opened with Kenan Thompson playing the role of representative Elijah Cummings. “For any other president, this hearing would be the most damning and humiliating moment of their lives, but for Trump, it’s just Wednesday,” Thompson said before handing the floor to Cohen.

Stiller, as Cohen, opened his testimony by accusing Trump of being a racist, by saying, “I had some help from the guys who wrote Green Book.”

He acknowledged lying before Congress during previous testimony, but promised this time would be different. “Thank you for inviting me here today to correct the record under oath,” continued Stiller. “Of course, the first time I testified was also under oath, but this time I, like, really mean it.”

The main target of the skit was representative Jim Jordan, played by former cast member Bill Hader. “Good afternoon to you, you lying piece of human trash!” Hader screamed. “I’m so angry I couldn’t even wear a jacket today!”


Cast member Melissa Villaseñor portrayed representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “I was going to ask carefully researched questions,” she said.

Cummings responded, “Clearly that is not what today is about.” After a round of questions, Cummings wrapped up the hearing, “I am shutting this down right now so I can give a quick sermon and call everyone in this room a damn fool.”

But before he could do that he asked if Stiller had any final remarks. “Look, maybe I’m not a good person, maybe I’m a liar, maybe I’m a fool, maybe I ruined hundreds of people’s lives…,” Stiller trailed off.

“I’m sorry, but is there a ‘but’ coming?” Cummings asked.

Stiller said no, thanked the committee and then closed the NBC variety show with its signature phrase, “Live… From New York! It’s Saturday night!”

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