Last night on Saturday Night Live, Tracy Morgan returned to the stage after his near brush with death last year, and Demi Lovato performed beautifully as the evening’s musical guest.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap

Tracy Morgan took to the SNL stage once more after having been away from comedy for a year following a devastating car accident. His monologue was short and sweet as he made his official return to comedy, joking about his mental capacity and reminiscing with his former, 30 Rock co-stars Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer who all took part in a skit together, welcoming Morgan back.


The evening was packed with entertaining sketches. Here are some of the highlights:

Family Feud: Extended Family

In this slightly dark, but hilarious sketch, the Williams family faces off with the Williams-Magills where Morgan plays the head of both families.


Weekend Update: Tina Fey on ‘Playboy’

Fey talks about how the internet has ruined Playboy now that women are free to sell their boobs without a middle-man dictating sales. “We don’t need an old man anymore to choose which one of us gets to sell pictures of our boobs. We can all sell our boobs now,” Fey states enthusiastically. Fey, however, is also saddened by the end of Playboy as her dreams of posing for them have now come to an end. She then proceeds to showcase some of the poses she would have done for Playboy had she been given the opportunity.



Morgan plays a sad, middle-aged character who gets into an altercation with another man (Taran Killam) and his girlfriend (Sasheer Zamata) at a bar. The altercation quickly turns into a sad story about how all he ever wanted to do was dance, but he has been discriminated against his entire life because of the way he dresses, which has made his dreams difficult to achieve. “I see what’s going on here now,” Morgan says to the man and woman who are about to leave. “You see the baggy clothes, the hooded sweatshirt, and all you think is I’m some type of thug. You sound just like my pops. All I ever wanted to do was dance, lady!” Eventually, the man decides to fulfill Morgan´s desires, and tangos with him.


Demi Lovato was last night´s musical guest and sang a medley of her hits “Cool For the Summer” and “Confident,” as well as giving a beautiful performance of “Stone Cold.”


The next episode of SNL airs Nov. 7 with Donald Trump hosting.

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