Saturday Night Live this weekend featured Scarlett Johansson as the host and Wiz Khalifa as the musical guest.

Cold Open

Taran Killam, reprising his announcer character, introduced Floyd Mayweather (Jay Pharoah) and Manny Pacquiao (Aidy Bryant) for the “Fight of the Century” – a bootlegged version with a taller Mayweather and a white female Pacquiao.


Johansson’s monologue centered around her status as a new mom. As she says, she’s now a MILF, Mother In Lots of Films. The main part of the monologue, however, was her telling Kenan Thompson and Killam how she gets her daughter to go to sleep – singing the completely inappropriate bedtime song “Love to Love You, Baby.”

Right Side of the Bed

New Jersey caterer Daniela (Johansson) was a guest on husband and wife Cory (Killam) and Gracelynn Chisholm’s (Cecily Strong) talk show. Johansson, doing her best Real Housewives of New Jersey impression with a husband behind bars, shows the couple how to make mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby – while calling Cory gay and Gracelynn his mother.


Baltimore Orioles announcers Jim Palmer (Killam) and Frank Robinson (Thompson) are tasked with announcing the baseball game in an empty stadium because of the ongoing rioting in the city. Unfortunately, they have some tricky copy to work with. At one point Frank says, “Baltimore has just been on FIRE this week!” before quickly apologizing. Jim’s gaffes included saying, “Baltimore took an absolute beating from the boys in blue.”

Black Widow Trailer

The Black Widow trailer, poking fun at the lack of Marvel female superhero spinoffs, stars Johansson as her Avengers character in her own movie. With the obligatory rom-com shots of New York City, it featured her breaking a heel, meeting a man (Ultron) and having a gay best friend (Killam as Thor). “It’s the story of a superhero and her super romance,” the trailer teases.

Girlfriends Talk Show

Kyra (Strong) and Morgan (Bryant) are preparing for prom, so they have former prom queen Camden (Johansson) on their talk show. Camden, who wrote “No thanks!” in Morgan’s yearbook last year, gives the duo some tips for not being “ratchet” at the prom. Her tips include avoiding duck faces and not spending more than $1,500 on a dress.

Weekend Update

This week on Weekend Update, Colin Jost and Michael Che tackled the situation in Baltimore, the Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage, and Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer. Guests included Ruth Bader Ginsburg (McKinnon), Game of Thrones’ Sam (Bobby Moynihan) and Gilly (Vanessa Bayer) and Charles Barkley (Thompson) and Shaquille O’Neill (Pharoah).

Dino Bones

Killam plays an enthusiastic museum tour guide in Dino Bones, who tries to move the tour along as two museum visitors (Strong and Johansson) continue to derail it. Whenever anyone asks a question, they dismiss it as random. Meanwhile, they make suggestions about putting dinosaur droppings in the exhibit.


Blazer starts off looking like an 80s cop show parody with Killam getting the bad guys – and the girl – in between hitting the bars and playing some pool. Eventually the concept becomes clear, as Blazer uses excessive force with all of the black suspects he encounters, punching them all across the face. His boss ends up firing him, though he appreciates his tactics. The boss then gets fired by the commissioner for making light of the race-based brutality.

Virgin Flight

Bayer and Johansson star as Virgin Atlantic’s new bionic flight attendants whose programming could use some work. While they misunderstand passenger requests and talk about Halloween in May, the pilot (Killam) mistakenly utters sexist commentary over the PA.

Jingle Writers

In Jingle Writers, Fayanne (Bryant) and Vanetta (Johansson) are trying to get back into the business after living in the desert over the last couple of years. Desperately trying to land the Pampers account, they sing a couple of dark and twisty jingles that have no place in a diaper ad.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khlalifa performed “See You Again” and “We Dem Boyz.”

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