Saturday Night Live this weekend featured comedian and actor Kevin Hart as the host and Sia as the musical guest.

Cold Open

In the timely cold open, Pete Davidson played a kid who needs to write a paper about Martin Luther King Jr. Miraculously, Martin Luther King Jr. (Kenan Thompson) pops in to help him out. The late civil rights pioneer ends up learning that the streets named after him are in neighborhoods like the one the Wu-Tang Clan grew up in, many people don’t have off on his holiday, the film that’s out about him isn’t nominated for a lot of Oscars and that “THE whitest dude ever” Macklemore is the face of diversity.

Opening Monologue

Kevin Hart’s monologue seemed as though it was pulled from his stand up routine. In the eight-minute long monologue, Hart talked about moving to the suburbs with his fiancee from downtown Los Angeles. He mostly went on about the wild animals – from raccoons to mountain lions – that torment him on his unlit driveway.


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Justin Bieber Calvin Klein

Kate McKinnon pulled out her Justin Bieber impression in a recurring pre-taped commercial bit that mocked the Canadian singer’s Calvin Klein ads. “I’m a big boy now,” McKinnon says in her Bieber voice. “This tattoo made me say owie.” Her other one-liners include: “I’m not supposed to drink, but I do.”  “Yo, my pee pee is in there.” “Are my muscles cute?”

Why’d You Post That?

Hart stars in a sketch as a host of a show called “Why’d you post that?” that takes aim at people’s questionable Instagram posting habits. One guest posted a blurry image of the top of the Empire State Building while another posted a picture of her busted up big toe. There was also the “sexy selfie” with a baby on the floor in the background.

Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015

Taking aim at Bushwick’s gentrification, the sketch features Kevin Hart, Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah huddled up on a street corner. They share stories about the new artisanal mayonnaise shop, spin class, brunch, gelato, knitting sweaters, wine and painting parties, and the horror of someone putting gluten in their muffin. Also, Kevin shot Ray dead.

James Brown

Hart played James Brown, complete with a red flared-leg suit, the hair and the dance moves. He sang “Get On Up” with most of the troupe serving as his backup singers and dancers. “Should we get more funky?” he asks them as they avoid repeating the song’s hook.  The sketch ends with Hart still singing after the band stops.


Aidy Brant plays Nancy, the host of a talk show that’s featuring the cast of an erstwhile soap opera. One of the actor’s characters impressively killed herself 15 times on the show. The running gag, however, had to do with Martine the sound director (Hart) using bathroom noises for Vanessa Bayer’s walking music.

Weekend Update

Weekend Update hit on the Supreme Court tackling marriage equality, Mitt Romney running for president for the third time, Pope Francis weighing in on Charlie HebdoAl Sharpton‘s Diversity Task Force and the lack of people of color in the Oscar nominations. McKinnon’s cranky neighbor Mrs. Santini was a guest.

Kevin’s Son

Kevin Hart and Leslie Jones had a child from a  one night stand. Kevin, however, refuses to believe that Marcus (Pharoah) is his son. Pharoah gets the chance to do his best Kevin Hart impression. Neither he nor Hart buy that they’re related.  “Ya’ll not hearing this?” Jones asks incredulously.

Listening Party

In Listening Party, Kevin Hart plays a rapper who wants to freestyle for his buddies.  Most of the song features him making gun shot sounds. In between the beat boxed gun shots, Hart dishes  all of his friends secrets. In the end, the all whip out their guns and shoot him.


Sia sang “Elastic Heart” and “Chandelier”

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