Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted the April 16 episode of Saturday Night Live and was able to score some actual laughter on the show with her hilarious cold open and also serving up her Seinfeld Elaine Benes character.


In the cold open, the actress is able to get the audience on board by giving them what they wanted with her reprising of Benes during a skit about the recent Democratic debate that was recently held in New York. The skit allowed “real New Yorkers” to ask some hard hitting questions to Larry David‘s Bernie Sanders and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton including Benes and Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel Green.

The next skit that allowed Louis-Dreyfus to showcase her humor was the AA skit that advertised the brand new electric car that runs on just AA batteries. With just 9,648 AA batteries, the commercial nails every aspect of an overly serious car ad with all the ridiculousness of thousands of batteries pouring out of a car.

The last skit that Louis-Dreyfus was able to nail was the “Cinema Classic” skit that directed her to find pieces of her script hidden on the set.

Nick Jonas was also the musical guest for the night and delivered his hits “Champagne Problems” and “Close.”

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