Saturday Night Live returned this weekend with Drake as the host and musical guest and newbie Sasheer Zamata making her debut.

Piers Morgan Cold Open

Taran Killim starred as Piers Morgan in Saturday Night Live’s cold open. First, he interviewed a fittingly brash Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) talking about “Bridgegate.” Drake then made his debut as A-Rod, discussing his suspension from the MLB and how he's suing everything and everyone – including steroids and Jackie Robinson. The cold open concluded with Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) explaining why he threw eggs at his neighbor, mugging for the camera the whole time. “The yolk’s on me baby.”

Drake Bar Mitzvah/ Opening Monologue

For his opening monologue, Drake started by talking about Canada, and made a crack about the Toronto mayor smoking crack. He also apologized for YOLO, called out Degrassi and focused on his being Jewish. The monologue concluded with Drake back at his Bar Mitzvah, rapping a hilarious number about being black, white and Jewish.

Before They Were Stars

Drake was definitely the star Saturday night, which was never more clear than in the episode’s best sketch – “Hip Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars.” Eminem [Killam] was on Felicity. Rihanna [Zamata] was in a Barbados reboot of Blossom. Rick Ross was the red Teletubby. Drake played the pre-celebrity versions of Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z, who appeared on Family Matters and Mr. Wizard, respectively. “Did I do that?” asked Lil Wayne after open firing at the Winslows. “Mr. Wizard, get your damn hands up!” shouted Jay-Z as the homemade volcano erupted.

Disney World Show

The best part of the Disney World sketch was Drake in a pair of too-short, too-tight khaki shorts and socks that reached mid-shin as he played the Indiana Jones ride worker. Unfortunately, Nasim Pedrad’s Rahat’s two lines “I am Rahat” and “My rice” were repeated a few too many times for the sketch to be much more than annoying.

Good Neighbor

Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney teamed up for their latest Good Neighbor sketch, this one titled “I Know.” As in past weeks, Good Neighbor sets itself apart as SNL’s strangest sketch. In this one, Mooney replies ‘I know’ to everything Bennet says, including that the floor is wet before he slips and… dies. In death, he admits he shouldn’t say “I know” all of the time, but when he comes back to life they’re the first two words out of his mouth.

Slumber Party

Aidy Bryant was the star of the slumber party-themed sketch, once again showing that she’s one of the show’s biggest talents. Drake plays Zamata’s dad. “I’ll see ya later girlie gators,” he offers before returning to perform one of the better dad dances even seen on the show. Melanie (Bryant) has a crush on him. When the girls want to talk about a classmate named Kyle, Melanie isn’t having it. “Kyle is a whisper of a boy — Mr. Gorman is a shout of a man,” she says.

When on singing duty, Drake sang shortened versions of four of his songs – "Started From The Bottom," "Trophies," "Hold On We're Going Home" and "From Time."

Next week, Jonah Hill will be on hosting duties and Bastille will serve as the musical guest.

– Chelsea Regan

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