Saturday Night Live this weekend featured Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and a pair of musical performances by country group Zac Brown Band.

Cold Open

For this weekend’s cold open, Kate McKinnon played Hillary Rodham Clinton addressing the nation from the comfort of a couch. “Am I running?” she asks repeatedly. “Who knows.”

Opening Monologue

Hemsworth’s opening monologue was more of an ensemble piece. After admitting he performed on Australia’s Dancing with the Stars ,he brought out his brothers Liam and Luke – and “adopted” brother Caleb (Kenan Thompson in a blonde wig and questionable Australian accent.) McKinnon, who appeared in almost every skit Saturday night, came out as his mother.

AmEx Commercial

In a pre-taped commercial, Hemsworth played himself. “They said I’d never make it as an actor,” he deadpanned in the spot. “Too tall, too blonde.” After a line about auditioning for the lead in Thor, a title card read, “If a jacked Australian with a perfect face can lick it, anyone can.”

Brother 2 Brother

Taran Killam and Hemsworth played twins in Brother 2 Brother. Matty (Hemsworth) is better looking and dumb, while while Marky (Killam) is the smarter and less attractive of the two. When Marky tries to take Matty’s test for him, everyone know’s he’s not Matty, who is tanner, blonder, with more sculpted cheekbones, a bigger chest and better butt.


In a parody of Empire, the show is looking to appeal to more white Americans, casting Hemsworth as an office manager named Chip. Struggling to fit in with his khaki pants, Chip tries to win over the rest with balloons and birthday cards and gets a beating for his efforts.


The spaceship’s captain, who is “out of control” and affectionately called “Captain Poulet,” is a chicken. Hemsworth is dating the powerful chicken, whose real name is Emily. Unfortunately, in order to save the ship, Emily needs to subject herself to in the microwave. “She’s done,” Thompson says sadly when the timer goes off.

Iggy Azalea

McKinnon’s second notable impression of the night was as Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, alternating between her native accent chatting and her “blackspeak” rapping. Sasheer Zamata made an appearance as Azalea Banks, Jay Pharoah as T.I. and Hemsworth as a fellow Aussie rapper. Tips for rapping: 1. Make gun sounds when you can’t think of words. 2. Use Lists. 3. Let your booty to the talking.

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che made quips about Ferguson, Hillary Clinton emails, Netanyahu running for President as a Republican, the Delta plane at JFK, the Clinton portrait, Justin Bieber’s mustache and Ben Carson – four times over. Relationship expert Leslie Jones stopped by to complain about walking in New York City: “These avenues is killing a b—h! Who do the avenues have to be longer than the blocks?” and white women in the NYC not being afraid of her: “She turned me into the white girl!”

Avengers Report

In the special news report hosted by Bobby Moynihan, Chris Hemsworth donned his Thor costume to parade about declaring his victory over Ultron. In the hammy spot, he pumped his hammer into the air and sang “We are the champions.”

Movie Set

Thompson plays a director, helming an episode of a soap opera that stars Hemsworth and McKinnon. Since his biggest gig before this was an episode of The Jeffersons, it heavily influences his directing. He wants big gesticulations bigger reactions.

Reality TV House

Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney incorporated Hemsworth into their latest short, Reality TV House. In the pre-taped sketch, Bennett, Mooney and Hemsworth play roommates in a reality TV house that have a squabble about whether to get groceries and cook at home or order delivery. There’s a Survivor-like challenge, American Idol-like audition and a Bachelor-like elimination ceremony.

Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band performed “Homegrown” and “Heavy is the Head.”

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