Saturday Night Live this weekend was hosted by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, who was there to promote Seth MacFarlane’s latest irreverent comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West. Joining her as the musical guest was The Black Keys.

Cold Open

Sasheer Zamata and Vanessa Bayer played Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, resptectively, in SNL’s cold open this weekend. The two women, who share the experience of being the First Lady of the United States, duked it out over who was the best at the job, as well as who was the superior mother and woman.

Opening Monologue

When Theron first hosted SNL back in 2000 while promoting the Legend of Bagger Vance, the wrtiers quickly learned that the actress couldn’t sing. Playing off her lack of skill, the writers made her opening monologue a song and dance number.

Barbara Walters On Weekend Update

Though Theron held her own on the SNL stage, it’s possible that she was upstaged by Barbara Walters, who stopped by Weekend Update to address SNL’s long history of mocking her. After gamely calling herself Baba Wa Wa, Walters, whose had a career in journalism for 50 years, took aim at faux-anchors Cecily Strong and Colin Jost.

Bikini Beach Party

In the throwback bikini beach party sketch, Tarran Killam plays a 22-year-old seducing Theron’s 13-year-old. The running gag was that the whale was expanding with gas and that’s where Killam planned to make his move on Theron. Predictable, the whale explodes mid ukulele serenade.

Dragon Babies

Dragon Babies featured SNL newcomer Mike O’Brien playing Chicago cop Rick Shoulders and Strong as his wife. Shoulders voices dragon baby Bibbo, who has a hacking cough. He’s blindly confident and clearly unqualified.

Heshy's Dating Seminar

Theron joined Nasim Pedrad in one of the castmember’s Heshy sketches. For this one, Heshy was running a dating seminar in which Theron – sporting a brunett wig and oversized glasses – was the student. Needless to say, Heshy’s lesson wasn’t too effective.

Pet Rescue Commercial

Theron also teamed up with Kate McKinnon, who played a cat lady in Pet Rescue Commercial. While McKinnon tried to pitch the kittens, Theron not-so-discreetly hit on her.

Mother’s Day Game Show

McKinnon starred as a the mom game show host who read off questions to her children. The skit wasn’t too inspired, but McKinnon’s performance made it watchable.


SNL tackled New York tourists this week in a pre-taped sketch that starred Kyle Mooney. It was one of the night’s most effective. Kate McKinnon asked for directions to a sex club. Bobby Moynihan asked for directions to a street and then proceeded to tell the passerby exactly how to get there. Theron also joined in, wearing a fat suit and asking someone to take her picture before walking away and failing to turn around.

The Black Keys

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