Saturday Night Live this weekend featured actress Cameron Diaz as the host and Bruno Mars as the musical guest.

Cold Open

Jay Pharoah reprised his Barack Obama impersonation for this week’s cold open. Channeling School House Rock, the skit featured Kenan Thompson as a bill and Bobby Moynihan as an executive order, who simply sings, “I’m an executive order and I pretty much just happen.” Proud of his past accomplishments, including naming national parks, he’s surprised to learn his latest action was granting legal status to 5 million undocumented immigrants.


Cameron Diaz’s monologue for her fourth Saturday Night Live appearance featured her answering audience questions. The bit included inquiries into her hotness, Shrek’s true personality and other roles she’s had and movies she’s been in.

Back Home Ballers

Back Home Ballers was the latest music video from the women of Saturday Night Live and it lived up to their past efforts, including “Dongs All Over The World” and “Do It On My (Twin Bed).” Leslie Jones in particular stood on in the outrageous pre-taped sketch.

HBO First Look: Annie

Mocking Diaz’s upcoming role in the modern remake of Annie, the skit featured her as Miss Hannigan and Jay Pharoah as Jamie Foxx playing Daddy Warbucks. Once again, Jones, playing black Annie to Vanessa Bayer’s white Annie, steals the show.


Nest-presso is a countertop appliance that turns eggs into chicks – though sales lady Vanessa Bayer doesn’t know exactly how it works. She’s also not too sure why a bunch of bones come out when the cartridge isn’t put in correctly.

Theatre Showcase

Theatre Showcase mocked experimental high school and college theater performances with a group of the cast in all black moving around black boxes, stopping to perform 30-second scenes that try to teach the audience something.

Weekend Update

On Weekend Update, Michael Che took on the Bill Cosby scandal, first quipping, “Hey, Bill Cosby, pull your damn pants up” and then going on a riff about how Dr. Huxtable had been like a father-figure to him. Later on, Angela Merkel (Kate McKinnon) came by to discuss that G20 Summit and her attraction to Barack Obama.


Baby Boss

Beck Bennett returned as Baby Boss – though instead of being at the office, he was at home for this latest iteration of the man-child gag. Cameron Diaz played his wife and Sasheer Zamata also performed in the sketch.

I’m Going To Fight Andy Rydell

The latest Beck Bennett and Kyle Moody’s bit brought them back to high school as feuding boys. Set firmly in the 90s, the skit pokes fun at the faux-macho mentalities.

Poetry Class

Bayer recurred as the zany poetry teacher with suspect poetry skills. Diaz came into the sketch late as her poet friend, who reads a sexually suggestive poem for the class.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars performed “Solid Gold.”